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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Optimize search using Google Dorks . . .

Google supports several advanced operators, which are query words that have special meaning to Google. Typically these operators modify the search in some way, or even tell Google to do a totally different type of search. For instance, "link:" is a special operator, and the query [] doesn't do a normal search but instead finds all web pages that have links to

Several of the more common operators use punctuation instead of words, or do not require a colon. Among these operators are OR, "" (the quote operator), - (the minus operator), and + (the plus operator). More information on these types of operators is available on the Basics of Search page. Many of these special operators are accessible from the Advanced Search page, but some are not. Below is a list of all the special operators Google supports.

Some Google DORKS :

intitle:rte/file_uploud (this is an example to find rte vulnerabilities.)
you can use the intitle to find anything in the title of the website.
which also could be usefull to find downloads or anything else.

inurl:index.php?id= (we allready know this one)
The inurl basicly looks for enything after the: in the site urls. (obvious)

intext:"powered by mybb" (This one is awesome!)
you can find literally everything here.
you could even use the inurl dorks whit this.
anyway whit this we could find certain messages in a site whe can use.
my message looks for all mybb forums.
which means if i ever find a vulnerable in mybb forum.
and know how to locate it!
then i can find every mybb forum whit this dork.

define:"sql syntax error" (google defines you message)
google will difine this massage and will look for what had this error for example i gave.

Obvious, google looks for a site.
site:cocacola (google will look for any site related whit cocacola.)

Do i really need to explain this?
give in a name and google will look for the phone number related to it.

Google will look on google maps for your search.

book:java language (this will look for any book gogole hase indexed whit java language in it.)
Google hase an online library.
if you want to find interesting books use this dork.

Uses froogle search instead of google.

info:firefox (google uses many info sites.)
This is usefull.
Google looks for anything you inputted but only information about it.
the example i gave firefox.
Google will get you alot off things explaining what firefox is.

if you do this,
you can find alot about movies on google.

movie:watch hackers2 online
together whit some of your own context google will serve you any movie.
(movie which is not just a site whit advertisements: grr)
but any movie file usefull for this dork.
have fun watching!

weather: 21/12/2011 London
Obvious aint it?

related:egg (google responds whit sites about chickons laying eggs.)
this will look for anything related to what you input.

link:index.php?id= (this is very usefull i would say even more then inurl.)
People always show the inurl methode?
this one works bether instead of only looking in search url it will also look in the site for urls

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