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Monday, June 25, 2012

Proteus 7.10 Crack License Key full version free download . . .

proteus 7.10 full version free download

>> This version(7.10) is now outdated. Latest version is proteus 8.0 download proteus 8 free from here.

>>Finally full version of "Proteus 7.10" is here.

>>Just download it from below url.

>>Before installing Proteus 7.10 remove previous version if you have already installed.

>>Then install Proteus 7.10 which you have downloaded from below url.

>>Now open folder LXK Proteus 7.10 SP0 v1.0.1 & install updates in english language.

>>Then give licence key on prompt by software of manually by using licence manager.

>>Thats it !!  Now you have full version of Proteus 7.10.


Hardware Accelerated Direct2D Graphics Engine
  • Lightning fast, flicker free screen redraws.
  • Smooth scrolling and animated object highlighting.
  • Crisp, fully anti-aliased presentation of text and graphics.
  • Current layer is always drawn at the top of the view.
  • User control of layer transparency.
  • Option to display full solder resist and solder mask layers including shapes contributed by the pad styles.
* Direct2D requires Windows 7 or Windows Vista SP2 (with additional download). OpenGL hardware acceleration option available for XP users.

Manual Route Editing & Ratsnest

  • Dynamic rastnest during route placement indicates closest net object to track being placed.
  • Automatic dimming of objects during placement helps identify valid route destinations.
  • Ratsnest colours maintained during placement and movement operations.
  • Only current net ratsnest lines displayed during manual routing.

Other Features and Changes

  • Major overhaul of DXF importer in ARES to improve support and compatibility with other packages.
  • Improved zone handling to provide precise clearances around rotated objects (e.g. IC at 45 degrees).
  • Ability to specify diagonal ('X') thermal reliefs on a pad.
  • Block selections which include locked objects provide an option to tag all but the locked objects before an operation.

Password : scenerelease_stuff_by_saud_1

Proteus 8 VSM released. To get latest features of proteus 8 please visit here.

Download latest version of Proteus VSM studio Proteus 8 demo version for free from here.

>>If you want to see some proteus demo then go to


Proteus 8 Latest version with crack patch key full version download.

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Anonymous said...

Password is not working for Proteus 7.10. Please publish password again

Vasu Viroja said...

It is working for me
please try again ......

dcet engrs said...

password is not working

Anonymous said...

Password not working!!! Please give correct password!!

Anonymous said...

this is the pass.... scenerelease_and_latest_stuff_by_saud_1

Anonymous said...

does not work, missing main keys

Anonymous said...

scenerelease_and_latest_stuff_by_saud_1 is correct password but after installation licence file can not be updated by LXK Proteus 7.10 SP0 ENG/RUS any version. I couldn't run the software. An error occured saying " Main file updating failed. operation cancelled " . Please help to rectify this problem.

Anonymous said...

i am getting 'bad product key' pop up when tried to open proteus

Anonymous said...

The pass doesn't work

Anonymous said...



when I try to install LXK Proteus 7.10 SP0 v1.0.1 & install updates in english language it gives the message that wrong folder is selected what can I do resolve it?????????

jito said...

its not working

Vasu Viroja said...

Who are facing problems in proteus 7.10 installation please refer my resent posts

1) proteus 7.10 crack installation guide

2) get proteus 7.10 crack & installer

Anonymous said...

Those who are facing "Main file updating failed. operation cancelled", can try "LXK Proteus 7.10 SP0 ENG" in safe mode. Its working.

Anonymous said...

Those who are facing "Main file updating failed.operation cancelled" , try to install it as an administator( Run as administrator) . It is working for me.

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